Bathroom Trends


The Comforts of Home … Away

The role of the hotel bathroom has changed dramatically in recent years due to global design influences and raised guest expectations leading to a more personalized bathing and bathroom experience. Guest bathrooms need to make a statement and their performance must meet and exceed guest expectations offering something over and above the comfort of their own homes.

The hotel bathroom has emerged from a "utilitarian needs-only space" into an area where the luxuries become not only the center piece of the bathroom but a key selling point for the hotel. For many hotel guests, the bathroom holds a special place: other than the comfort of the bed the guest bathroom is the single most important part of the hotel experience.

Bathrooms now draw customers and hoteliers realize that by investing in the bathroom and providing a luxury experience to the guest they can more easily separate themselves from the competition.

This is particularly true in upscale properties where the bathroom has evolved into a personal sanctuary for relaxation and well-being and is now an integral part of the hotel’s brand identity.

A decade after Westin's Heavenly Bed sparked the hotel industry's bed wars, that famous mattress might soon find itself supplanted in the minds of guests and marketers alike by the celestial bathroom.

The emerging importance of the bath area is at the cornerstone of Alison’s success. In today’s competitive market, yesterday’s amenities have become today’s necessities. In today’s world many travelers spend most of their “wake time” in the bathroom.

Henceforth the bathroom has become the hallmark of luxury for today’s successful hotelier where even the smallest investment will be noticed and appreciated. This affords the hotelier an inexpensive way to distinguish their hotel from their competition while providing their guests with an immediate upgrade. It is for this reason, smart investors start in the bathroom.



Design driven and beautifully detailed, Alison’s comprehensive portfolio of globally inspired products have been engineered to meet the demanding expectation of today’s hoteliers and their guests. Fashionable solutions whose stylistic and geometric diversity transforms a room into a statement of personal design.

By including high quality well-known brands, a hotel can create a natural synergy and positive brand association with design sensitive products specifically engineered to extend the life of their investment. Much appreciated brand identifiable items that complement the prestige not only of their hotel but also an extension of the gratitude they feel towards their guests.

Due to the increased importance of the bath area bathroom renovations, depending on the upgrades, can account for 30 to 40 per cent of the total room refurbishment. Henceforth sustainable designs, reliability, durability, ease of care, and maintenance are key objectives in the planning and accessorizing of the bath area.

Aliseo offers cutting-edge aesthetics and technological innovation to a demanding clientele who finds in its design the exclusiveness of their identity.



Today designers and architects are looking to the hotel bathroom as the new frontier of the guestroom, turning what has long been a mostly functional space into a personalized refuge and means of escape.

Now the bathroom should be about a third of the allocated space for the guest room - a significant increase over the space of 20 years ago. In fact guestroom size has not increased as much as the size of the bathroom.

Consequently bathrooms should relate to the room they are part of. Whether the budget is large or small, the surroundings sumptuous or simple, bathroom design is changing to pay homage to its elevated status.

Since bathrooms are playing an ever more crucial role in the customer experience, the barriers between the bedroom and bathroom are rapidly beginning to dissolve. Interior designers are opening up closed and cluttered bathrooms through increasing the levels of light and space - blurring the traditional division between bedroom and en suite. A hybrid spacial and visual makeover.

The drive to create additional space within existing boundaries has enabled designers to use various methods by which to create a more spacious feel. A smaller budget doesn’t necessarily translate into compromising design innovation. Unique space and cost-saving features can create a first rate guest experience in half the space: space borrowed from the rest of the room is ostensibly added to the bathroom through the use of sliding panels, glass walls or blinds that disappear to the ceiling. The bathroom can be made smaller or larger depending on the time of day or use.

Current design projects increasingly channel simplicity, space and timeless styling. Clutter-free vanities, under- or above-the-sink shelving, recessed railings, uninterrupted wall surfaces and expansive mirrors are turning even the smallest spaces into luxury havens.

This bathroom evolution has resulted in limitless creative options for the designer and Aliseo. It’s all about customization and paying attention to the little things that can matter most. The careful selection of premium items that complement each other. A synergistic approach that rethinks the whole guest experience where the sum of various products with high individual personality build a harmonic whole.

An efficient reinvention of the luxury concept where the importance of design and dimensions combine with the celebration of essentials to create an aesthetic functional refuge for the enjoyment of their guest.