Special Finishes Mirrors

NU finish assortment complements Aliseo’s superlative craftsmanship with a commanding range of colors that conforms to the finish of choice. Aliseo utilizes PVD – a special Physical Vapor vacuum type process that produces a brilliant decorative and durable coating. Simple to clean and highly resistant to scratches, NU colors is available in an almost endless variety of surface finishes: matt, brushed or polished.

The selected color coordinates are obtained via a 3 dimensional color metric photometer. Values are now calculated and the PVD process begins. The mirrors are placed in a chamber and the PVD process begins. Physical Vapor Deposition is an eco-friendly, high-tech coating process that generates a new high intensity surface layer that is only a few microns thick.

NU finishes are available in an almost endless choice of colors – matt, brushed or polished – and are compatible with virtually any provided designated finish.*

Once applied, the coating is nearly impossible to remove, and won’t tarnish, oxidize or wear off.

Benefits include:

  • Brushed, polished or uniform matte appearance
  • Offers a long lasting, scratch resistant surface
  • Resists damage caused by salt and other corrosive materials
  • Dimensional changes are minimal due to the thinness of the finish coating
  • PVD coating process is completely eco-friendly

Aliseo’s NU finishes create a fresh aesthetic performance that radiates the distinctive personality of the mirror while expanding the choices available to the hotelier. A perfectly integrated statement that completes the coordinated transformation of the components of the room as a whole. Color match is compatible with any provided designated finish.

* In the rare cases where the designated color might be outside our PVD purview we will contact you accordingly.

** Warranty: Provided proper cleaning, all PVD surfaces are covered by a 5-year warranty; optional powdered surface by 2 years.

Available In An Almost Endless Choice Of Colors.

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