Special Finishes Accessories

Any color, any time, any place

Aliseo’s Nu Finishes offer exceptional color compatibility over an almost endless range of colors and
textures. Produced in Aliseo’s state of the art PVD chambers our process ensures that all our mirrors and accessories are compatible with the designated color and finish of your choice.

This color flexibility provides new design possibilities while providing the perfect finishing touch to any
luxury bathroom. A fresh aesthetic that completes the harmonious transformation of the components of a room.

PVD is a highly regarded chamber induced vaporizing technique

  • Brushed, polished or uniform matte appearance
  • Won’t tarnish, oxidize, or wear off
  • Polished, brushed, or uniform matte appearance
  • Brilliant scratch and corrosion resistant surface
  • Minimal dimensional changes due to ultra-thin coating
  • PVD coating process is completely eco-friendly

The Finish Completes the Design

Aliseo’s NU finishes create a fresh aesthetic performance that radiates the distinctive personality of the item while expanding the choices available to the hotelier. A perfectly integrated statement that completes the coordinated transformation of the components of the room as a whole.

While NU finishes are compatible with almost any provided designated finish.  Below is just a small cross-section of some of our most popular finishes.

NUfinishes Farben Englisch
NUfinishes Farben Englisch

Color duplication is subject to color differences due to pixel resolution, monitor viewing and printing utility.

Warranty: Provided proper cleaning, all PVD surfaces are covered by a 5-year warranty; optional powdered surface by 2 years.

* In the rare cases where the designated color might be outside our PVD purview we will contact you accordingly.

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