Reflection Redefined  –  Seeing is Believing
Battery powered mirror that lights automatically as your face approaches and turns off as you step away. Acrylic edge LED lighting system that bathes the face in a warm amber glow. Fully adjustable single arm 3x minimalist mirror is secured by a reinforced pivot joint.

  • Battery powered cosmetic mirror on single arm
  • Auto on/off by intrared sensor operational to 20 cm
  • Auto shut-off after 15 seconds
  • 4 AA rechargeable or dry batteries (not included)
  • Approx. 6 months without recharge or replacement
  • Low power indicator light
  • Maintenance free SMD-LED platform
  • Warm amber light – 3500-4000 k
  • Translucent acrylic edge frame
  • 3 x magnification
  • With adaptor plate 510443
  • Available without mounting plate (item no. 020796)


NU FINISHES: The finishing touches

Available in an almost endless range of colours. more…

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