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Classically distinctive BLACK faux leather components brings a fashionably functional personal touch to the guestroom. A variety of hand crafted tea service items and other accoutrements that complete a proper guest-room experience.

Constructed around sturdy forms of versatile shapes and sizes our hand-crafted faux leather type accessories provide a rich appearance and long-lasting service. Water resistant surface is fixed to the surface via odorless Green strength non-toxic adherent.

Premium quality designs features exquisite details and rugged ribbed stitching for extended longevity.

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Stylishly Serviceable

Cool and contemporary design is an elegantly efficient addition to any guestroom. Easy to maintain, water saving and energy aware, Bonjour combines clarity of purpose with utilitarian beauty. Unique double wall construction combines a stainless steel inner-cylinder with a cool-touch stain resistant thermoplastic exterior. Food grade capability for heating and warming. Wide mouth opening is easy to fill and clean. ECO conscious 0.6 liter capacity with energy-saving Quick Boil 1000 watt platform and full STRIX control.

It all make sense!

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The New Now

Black ultra-matt finish embodies a casual luxury within a distinctive motif. An enticing alternative to the mainstream its first clear impression captures the essence of minimalistic styling.

Bold and creative, subtle and refined NEXXUS is a visually dynamic aesthetically pleasing complement to today’s modern bathroom.

NEXXUS – a design signature.

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Invisible technology and complete functionality

A battery powered facial recognition mirror that lights as your face approaches and shuts off as one moves away. Auto On/Off infrared sensor activates a translucent acrylic edge LED lighting system that bathes the face in a warm amber glow.

Invisible technology and complete functionality, Interface features a visually efficient design on a minimalist fold-away arm with an integrated vertical slot adjustment. Suitable for any space Interface is a much appreciated economical upgrade. Energized by 4 x AA dry or rechargeable batteries with a low power (indicator) light. Easily accessible snap-cover compartment. 22 cm diameter with 3 x reflection. Warm amber light – 3500-4000 k.

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On Call

There when you need it

When business calls … stay ON CALL with a generous 160 x 95 mm curved edge shelf platform atop a paper toilet roll dispenser. Accommodates both standard and large cell phone handsets. Stainless steel construction with covered screw caps.

A sensible solution when you’re on the go and Got to GO!

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Tea Station

All in ONE

Space-conscious square platform is durable, compact and practical. Fabricated from ABS with a structured wood type finish, the TEA STATION is an attractive cost-saving alternative. Accommodates Aliseo’s MINI and Fusion kettles with a theft-proof cord pass thru. Black ABS surface is heat, water, stain and scratch resistant. Tray features include: grooved tea bag sleeves, open condiment storage and recessed drip reservoir with removable stainless grid. Optional Black/white ceramic mugs.

An “All in ONE” economic alternative.

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Designed for a Difference

Contemporary craftsmanship at its finest, Aliseo’s sensible technology and intelligent solutions combine clarity of purpose with utilitarian beauty.

From the curvature of the pedal to the noise-free soft close lid design and the brilliance of its finger print resistant finish, Aliseo’s variety of bins represent the re-engineering of a product reimagined. Intelligent soft-close function is controlled by a patented hydraulic lid system. Reinforced ribbed steel pedal distributes foot force equally, extending service life in upwards of 100,000 steps. Integrated plastic bag fixer ensures a well-kept appearance by securing the bag with no visible excess. Comfortable and secure handle provides a positive grip, durable lift-out inner bucket catches messy drips and a non-skid base and insulated pads are gentle on the floor and keep the bin steady.

The Art of Living just got easier.

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New Ironing Solution

A Variety of Choices … A Variety of Needs

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Aliseo’s Hotel-smart boards are now available in an increased variety of space-saving dimensions and accommodating fixed holder designs for both dry and steam irons. Both irons feature double safety auto shut-offs ensuring maximum protection for the guest and hotelier. All fixed holders incorporate heat resistant anti-scratch bumpers, anti-theft protection and easy cable storage.

Designed expressly for hotel use the boards are spacious enough for travel pressing yet lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability and hang-up storage.

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AIR 1800

Air Light

Aliseo’s AIR Light Hotel Hair Dryer was expressly engineered for powerful quiet air performance and minimum weight. Aliseo’s brushless high-speed DC motor with 3 temperature and 2 speed settings minimizes the weight while maximizing your guest’s comfort and drying control. Convenient cold-shot button helps lock in styling. Durable ABS construction with distinctive onyx finish and silver accents. Straight 180 cm cord, velcro wrap-strap and convenient storage pouch.

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Expressly Contemporary

Clean, clear and stylish Aliseo’s STEP scale features an ultra slim tempered glass platform in an expressly contemporary white/silver combination. Comfortable ABS covering with contrasting grey centre strip features an easy to read extra-large LCD display with switchable kilo, pounds or stone measurements: 150 kg capacity with 100 gram gradations. 4 integrated corner sensors are activated via “step-on” technology - scales go into sleep mode when not being used. Long life and hassle free lithium battery is included. Simple and straightforward, it’s compact width/height and depth is a perfect fit for even the smallest of bathrooms.

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Fashionably Flexible

Space-saving minimalist design integrates a fold-away single arm, sturdy reinforced pivot joint and integrated vertical slot adjustment. Simply engineered for maximum efficiency, FACE is a competitively priced stylish alternative for today’s modern bathroom.

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Simply Perfect

A reservoir of eco-luxe efficiency combines water and energy saving functions in a small space.

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An uncompromising eco-efficient design that enhances any space.

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Handsome mahogany-stained bamboo platform incorporates a hide-away melamine tray for neat easy condiment storage. Stylish .5 liter MINI kettle features cordless 360 degree rotation atop an energy-saving 1,000 watt heating platform.

Auto shut-off, boil dry protection and steam shut-down functions ensure your guest’s safety. Inter-locking safety lid, easy-fill water reservoir, drip-free spout and safe-grip handle with indicator light facilitates ease of use. Patented STRIX control guarantees continuous un-interrupted connection.

Brushed stainless steel construction in a contemporary low-profile footprint. Attractive black/white ceramic mugs provide a natural visual complement.



Reflection Redefined

A striking contemporary look that turns a room into a vibrant statement of personal taste.

Balanced streamlined appearance combines minimalist forms with technological innovations. Gently curved profile framed by stunning edge-lit LED acrylics creates a distinctive design signature.

Innovative SMD LED platform ensures lighting optimization for maximum life and efficiency: pin-point shadow-free illumination and 3x imaging.

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Aesthetic functionality at its finest; refined and durable twin-arm construction allows for a full range of motion and angular adjustments. Unique triangular wall bracket with convenient integrated touch sensor for instantaneous illumination.

Individualizing the bathroom with design, materials and detail. A re-imagination of a mirror reinvented.



Smaller is smarter

Eco-luxe efficiency combines water and energy saving functions within a comfortably contemporary .5 liter design.

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A welcome addition to any guestroom the MINI features cordless 360 degree rotation atop an energy-saving 1,000 watt heating platform, sturdy interlocking safety lid, easy fill water reservoir, drip-free filter spout and safe- grip handle with illuminated indicator light. Auto shut-off, boil dry protection and steam shut-down functions ensure your guest’s safety. Generous 70 cm power cord and patented STRIX control for continuous un-interrupted connection. Brushed stainless steel construction in a low-profile footprint.

Simple and intelligent efficiency in a small space … it all makes sense.



White Heat - Performance by Design

Pristine white color with smart silver accents symbolize a fresh new approach to hair care.

Multiple heat/speed settings, ionic functions, comfortable contoured handle and balanced weight distribution serve to maximize your guest's drying ease. Peerless Performance and Stylish Functionality is enhanced by a high-speed motor assembly and ION Technology that decreases drying time while locking in moisture for a heathier gentler drying experience.

Available as a plug-in model or with a hang-up cradle with illuminated safety switch for hard-wire applications.

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Moon Dance

Love at first light

A stylistic seduction of design and technology kissed by light.

Distinctive and ergonomically practical design is characterized by minimalist shaping and technical innovations. Developed exclusively for Aliseo by sieger design, the Moon Dance features clean defined lines, new materials and lighting methodologies combining both function and use in a free-standing and wall-mounted layout.

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The magnifying mirror is embedded in a circular acrylic housing with a soft dorsal curvature and a smooth textured touch. Due to its translucent nature, the light spreads in the surroundings and recalls the nocturnal celestial body.

The innovative lighted touch sensor powers a specially engineered illumination with combined SMD and T3 technology. The LED module offers the choice of either cool or warm white light, simulating a night or daytime reflection.

The smooth and unpretentious profile of the free-standing model features a circular skid-proof base, blending into an angular vertical column. The position of the mirror can be adjusted individually by means of the spherical joint.

The wall-mounted version creates an asymmetrical synergy by connecting the round mirror housing to a vertical rectangular wall plate. Suitable for any space and array, the arm swing can easily be reversed depending on a room’s layout and preferences.

A harmonious understated sculptural form of individualized taste and technological seduction.



Made to Measure

Bathroom scale NEVIS - easy to read from any distance in any light, large-standing tempered glass platform provides “instant reading” with a large luminous LCD display. 4 high precision sensors provide measurements in switchable kilos, pounds and stone. Sleek silver/grey design with built-in handle for easy storage. Moisture proof platform and corrosion-resistant ABS undercarriage for long term durability. Auto-calibrated; auto power-off; 3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries.

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  • News - 030626


The Londoner

A Classical Tradition

Hand-crafted faux leather accoutrements provide an enduring statement of quality, sophistication and function. Constructed around sturdy forms of versatile shapes and sizes our hand-crafted faux leather type accessories provide a rich appearance and long-lasting service. Water resistant surface is fixed to the surface via odorless Green strength non-toxic adherent.

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Premium quality designs feature superior ribbed stitching, turned corners, and non-scratch bottoms for a finely finished elegant appearance.

The assortment comes as a pre-arranged ensemble that can be expanded with additional complementary accoutrements.

Attractive neutral taupe color complements any guestroom decor.



Engineered for Performance

Superior Steam Distribution

Specifically engineered for Hotel use Aliseo’s automatic safety shut-off system - horizontal after 30 seconds/vertical after 8 minutes provides maximum safety and security for the Hotelier and their guest.

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Assertive streamlined styling and well-considered design detailing provides user friendly optimum performance. Non-stick CERAMIC soleplate provides superior gliding, increased heat retention, and equal heat distribution while its U shaped design increases steam coverage for smoother ironing and easier control. Iron ready light and Electronic Temperature Dial for easy fabric selection. Dial fabric control locks out at 200° C to guard against accidental scorching and staining of the fabric.

Variable steam function provides a multiple range of spray concentrations. 360° rotating cord systems keeps the cord out of the way and prevents re-wrinkling of already ironed fabrics.

Complete with Anti-Calc, Anti-Drip and Self-Cleaning Systems.



Mix and Match

The Puzzle Solution is a practical and handsome hospitality solution that provides maximum flexibility for the hotelier and their guest.

Puzzle Animation

Designed exclusively for Aliseo by Winfried Noth the porcelain-optic boxes can be neatly integrated into etched wooden compartments in a variety of configurations or used to complement other tray presentations for a more elegant presentation. Manila tray features fine bamboo water-resistant construction that adds a sense of natural warmth. Both cubes and trays are available in a variety of sizes and colors.


T3 Technology


Aliseo announces the integration of a T3 technology into their Saturn and Cubik lines of illuminated mirrors. Revolutionary two stage lighting system bathes the skin in a shadow-free soft white or warm light for the most exacting cosmetic applications. Illuminated touch sensor offers the user their choice of a cool bright daytime look or a warm night time reflection.

Aliseo’s Luminox SMD lighting platform integrates two independent systems with different light reflective pigmentations. The brightness, angle and color efficiency of the LEDs are stabilized creating a much brighter and more focused light for the ultimate in cosmetic care. Aliseo’s SMD system is integrated into one heat resistant platform - specifically engineered to allow for easy hassle-free replacement. Solid state construction and brass components for maximum longevity.


The Organizer

A Place for Everything

Aliseo introduced today a full-service kettle side-board with individualized condiment compartments and convenient cup storage that facilitates comprehensive ease of use.

Designed exclusively for Aliseo by German designer Andre’ Ehrlich, the ORGANIZER’S unique design is ideal for Suite and Extended Stay applications. Individual compartments, platform and frame are constructed from durable high-density MDF wood composite with a water-resistant lacquer finish and nylon bumper guards. Hide-away cord aperture accommodates all plugs and cord configurations while generous platform base is suitable for almost all kettles.



Hotel Hair Dryers - Technology meets Design

The 4th generation of Aliseo hairdryers whose innovative design and technical maturity has re-defined today’s hotel hairdryer, was introduced at the Internoga International Trade Exhibition.

With over 3 years in development and a byproduct of Aliseo’s 30 year unrivaled dedication to safety, design and durability, the new line of LUXURY PERFORMANCE HAIR DRYERS has incorporated the essence of Italian design with the rigorous demands of Aliseo engineering.

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Revolutionary design allows for a space-saving profile whose contoured handle and integrated controls maximize guest’s safety and drying ease. Engineered for maximum air flow, minimum weight, low vibration and extended life, Aliseo embodies the evolving relationship between technology and design. Technology and design in harmonic balance.

Peerless performance and increased efficiency is enhanced by our innovative high speed low-noise “whisper” motor that increases styling comfort. The integration of ION Technology reduces drying time while locking in moisture for a healthier gentler drying experience.

Luxury is in the details with distinctive color treatments and a variety of textures including a SOFT touch rubberized housing for improved comfort and handling.

Polarfox 1875, Black Mambo 1875 and Carbonic 1900 are in different wattages. All come with a convenient storage bag and are available in a number of selective wall holders for those so inclined.



A Bold Architectural Dynamic

Architectural Spirituality for the Here and Now! Distinctly contemporary profile and elegant powerful lines combine effortlessly in an architectural approach to accessory design. Strong physique and noble resolute lines make a clear first impression. A full range of accessories manufactured specifically for the hospitality industry from brass with complementary ceramic inserts.