Profiles in Design

As a leader in hospitality research and development, Aliseo has solidified their brand identity by exploring new ways of thinking in their approach to product function and design. We have worked with the development teams of many international chains as well as interior and product designers to build a bridge between design and functionality.

These are but a few

sieger design

Christian and Michael Sieger | MOON DANCE – illuminated mirror with acrylic canopy.

Christian and Michael Sieger    

Second generation German Design house whose comprehensive creations integrate technical ingenuity with clear-cut motifs. Award winning functional and fashionable designs encompass over 500 diverse products. Since the mid-80’s sieger has been at the epicenter of revolutionary bathroom designs: imaginative formulations that feature diverse and stylistic elements, distinguishing features and luxurious essentials. Long term relationships with Alape, Dornbacht, Duravit amongst many others.

SIGNOFORM – Winfried Noth

Winfried Noth

Winfried Noth    

Founded in 1983 signoform and its founder Winfried Noth have a rich and extensive background in the sanitary and lighting sectors. A graduate of the prestigious design school of HFG Schwäbisch Gmünd Mr. Noth has worked on lighting projects with Osram and Verbeek and has an a formidable resume in the sanitary field where he has enjoyed relationships with Keuco, Emco Bad, Ideal Standard amongst many others.

Chiarini Design Group – Renato Chiarini

Renato Chiarini

The head of a Milanese based design team with over 20 years of experience Renato Chiarini combines his engineering background and applied art interest in the design and development of a multitude of personal care products and small electrical appliances. Chiarini believes that aesthetics, physical ergonomics, functionality and usability all contribute to product design awareness and are absolutely essential to product/brand awareness and sustainable marketability. Has a lengthy resume as an independent designer and as a reliable OEM manufacturer for number of international companies.

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