Past and Present

Aliseo GmbH, headquartered in the Black Forest, is a trailblazing designer of innovative products developed specifically for hotel bathrooms and guestrooms.  With nearly 35 years of experience and more than one million installations, Aliseo possesses a unique understanding of worldwide trends as well as the special cultural and geographic features of the international hotel industry.

High safety standards as well as international industrial standards are integrated in product design from the development stage onwards.  Aliseo is a trendsetter that uses, further develops and adapts innovative technologies and materials to optimize and enhance product durability and efficiency.  Aliseo products fit beautifully in a variety of interior designs – acting as visual and functional highlights that heighten the attractiveness of the rooms by conveying feelings of luxury and comfort to the guests. 


Emerging from its humble beginnings as a single-product “Garage Company” Aliseo has successfully anticipated the future by combining technological advancements with inspiring designs that depart from the mainstream, resulting in a New Culture of Hospitality.

In 1985 Aliseo GmbH established its reputation as a trendsetter with its introduction of the “World’s Safest Hair Dryer”. A wall mounted model specifically designed to eliminate the hotelier’s safety, security and liability concerns. Hotel Hair Dryers soon became an industry standard.  In 1993 by incorporating newly developed safety technologies into a much smaller profile Aliseo proceeded to introduce the first pistol/holster hair dryer specifically engineered for hotel applications.


Aliseo prides itself on “staying ahead of the curve“ by combining innovative designs with the latest technology. When appropriate Aliseo applies the precepts of Value Added Engineering (VAT) in the rational analysis of function in order to identify relationships that increase value.  Information gathering, creation processes and product success evaluation are all part of this progression. 

In 2003 Aliseo became the FIRST manufacturer to integrate LED lighting systems into their lighted mirrors.  Tiny micro-dot LEDs dramatically increased the efficiency of the mirror – expanding the lifespan and opening up new design formulations – permitting a flat-screen design within a sleek thin profile.

In 2010 Aliseo continued to maximize the lighting efficiency of LED design with their introduction of the Luminox SMD (Surface Mounted Device) which integrates 3 LEDs into each LED module.  This stabilized both the brightness and efficiency of the LEDs creating a much brighter and more focused light.  In addition Aliseo’s SMD system was integrated into one heat resistant platform specifically engineered for a hassle-free “plug & play” replacement.  No other manufacturer uses this system.

In 2012 Aliseo developed a Two-Tone-Lighting module which they engineered into their LED Cubik and Saturn lines of illuminated mirrors.  Aliseo’s T3 system integrates two independent systems with different light illuminating pigmentations.  This revolutionary two stage lighting technique bathes the skin in a shadow-free soft white or warm light for the most exacting cosmetic applications; illuminated touch sensor offers the user their choice of a cool bright daytime look or a warm night time reflection.


– Geometric, minimalist and unpretentious –

Aliseo developed with the German firm sieger Design the MOON DANCE series of illuminated mirrors – an understated confident sculptural form that combines two geometric lines to create a hybrid visual dialogue. New forms and new materials are the focal point of the MOON DANCE mirror line.  

A visual asymmetrical synergy is realized by using a rectangular arm to connect a circular acrylic housing with a distinctive round base.  Unusual design language for an ergonomically intuitive solution; a frosted textured acrylic canopy allows for a backside ambient light for a warmer more personalized presentation.

Finger touch sensor activates a specially engineered lighting strip that integrates SMD and T3 technologies.  Two light pigmentations (a cool white and warm light) are integrated into one LED module offering the user their choice of a reflective imaging that simulates a night time or daytime reflections.


– A Commitment to Excellence –

As a leader in hospitality research and development, Aliseo has solidified their brand identity by continuously developing design-oriented, technologically advanced products that provide distinctive brand identity to the hotelier and a new level of comfort and convenience to their guests.

Items for a new hospitality culture where the sum of various products build a harmonic whole.  An aesthetic functional setting for the pleasure of the guest and the benefit of the hotelier based on products that can turn a room into a rational, sensory and aesthetic statement of personalized taste. 

To that end Aliseo has invested heavily in cutting-edge research that has allowed us to explore a “new way” of thinking via production techniques and material use in the development of product design.

In addition to facilitate the integration of our products by designers we have assembled all our items in most common CAD-formats for their review and easy implementation in their individual graphics and/or CAD program. Available to Designers upon request in our Interactive Portal or via USB upon request.

Aliseo continuously monitors the evolving trends and demands of the hospitality sector by constantly seeking out the sentiments of leading hotel chains, interior and product designers and its own well established client base.

Here, in the Black Forest, where craftsmanship has a tradition, where it has been fostered and developed is the source of our experience and accomplishments.

The Journey Begins

Aliseo is founded by Claus Michael Hellfritz from his garage in Wolfach, the Black Forest.

The World’s Safest Hair Dryer

Aliseo introduces “The World’s Safest Hair Dryer” – A hose- type hair dryer whose electrical components are isolated in a box mounted on the wall ensuring complete guest safety.

Aliseo Hairdryer 1985


The PRO was one of the first pistol/holster designs. Integrating many of the latest technological safeguards – double insulation, interuptor switch and over-heating shutdown. The hair dryer soon became a much appreciated hotel standard.

Pro History

The Biltmore Collection

Aliseo adds a comprehensive portfolio of globally inspired cosmetic mirrors. Fashionable reflective solutions whose stylistic and geometric diversity transforms a room into a personal design statement.

Biltmore Collection

A New Galaxy

Italian designed and German engineered Galaxy was the first lighted cosmetic mirror introduced by Aliseo. Featuring fog-free 3 x magnification, multi-flex pivotal adjustment and integrated shaver socket within in a durable ABS housing, Galaxy was a pre-runner for Aliseo’s foray into hotel cosmetic mirrors.


HOTELPERFECTION – More than a Name

Aliseo introduces their Hotelperfektion line of bathroom accessories. Hotelperfektion becomes the cornerstone of the Aliseo brand and the embodiment of its commitment to clean designs, defined functions and quality materials.

1998 Hotelperfektion


Classically inspired and elegantly efficient Aliseo’s Lighted Mirror Collection combines exquisite design with the latest technology and features: full circle energy saving illumination, pin-point 3 x reflection, pivotal adjustments and all brass construction. A celebration of essentials that embodies yesterday’s vision of tomorrow.

Majico TV Mirror

By incorporating an LCD monitor into their Cubik mirror design, Aliseo’s innovative flat screen design allows for a sharp reflection or superior picture quality through a mirror surface. Design and technology that reflects more than just a function within a function.

Majico TV Mirror

Signature Series

Inspired by the Magic of Crystals, Aliseo created a limited production line for the select few. Faceted Strass Swarovski Crystals encompass an eternal elegance whose luxurious lifestyle includes the award winning Cubik lighted mirror and the Nostalgie hair dryer.

Swarowski Signature Series


Aliseo continues to expand their design footprint with their addition of a number of new accessory lines. Beautifully uncomplicated the Zentric line is simple, clear and defined. The ultimate in classical modernity, that adds an individualized sense of strength and style.

2009 Zentric

Aliseo Opens Shanghai Office

To better address the Asian market Aliseo opened an office and and distribution center in Shanghai. To meet the increasing demand for their products in China Aliseo embarked on a retail strategy where their products are now represented and distributed through a network of 115 shops and kiosks

2012 China

Aliseo Moves to Gengenbach

Along with the existing 8,000 sqm distribution center, Aliseo purchased a four floor 4,000 sqm facility in the historic town of Gengenbach. As well as providing additional office space, the new location will feature a 900 sqm showroom, design studio and training center. In addition one wing will allow for special event planning such as the annual Aliseo Art Project.

2015 Gengenbach

LONDONER Leather Products

Classically inspired faux leather components bring a fashionable functional touch to the guestroom. A selection of hand- crafted tea service and desk items whose premium quality designs and rugged ribbed stitching ensure years of personal service.

Available in a variety of colors and finishes for a more personal statement.


Aliseo combines technological innovation and cutting-edge aesthetics with its introduction of the INTERFACE – a battery powered facial recognition mirror that lights as your face approaches and shuts off as one moves away. Translucent acrylic illumination within an elegantly efficient minimalist design.

2018 Interface

Aliseo receives the German Design Award

Aliseo GmbH was awarded the coveted Design Award for “Excellence in Product Design”. The highly esteemed jury found MOON DANCE to be an “innovative, timeless and transformative product”. A product concept and creation by sieger design, the Moon Dance features defined lines, new materials and lighting techniques that create an understated sculptural form of technological seduction.

2018 German Design Award
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