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Claus Michael Hellfritz

There are entrepreneurs who follow trends and there are visionaries who turn their ideas into trends.
There are businessmen who discuss every decision with a multitude of consultants before signing a contract and there are family entrepreneurs for whom intuition and a handshake count more than any signature.

Claus Michael Hellfritz was precisely this visionary entrepreneur who, with his creative streak and unerring instinct, founded the company Aliseo in 1985 and led it to worldwide awareness and success. His legacy lives on in the company to this day, from which he retired in 2016.

On Monday, December 18, 2023, he passed away peacefully surrounded by his family at the age of 81.

We mourn the loss of our founder, driving force, man of action, visionary, family member and friend.

The entire Aliseo team

Claus Michael Hellfritz


Design driven and technologically advanced, Aliseo’s globally inspired portfolio provides a new level of service and efficiency to the hotelier and an aesthetic functional refuge for the enjoyment of their guest. An inspirational alternative to the mainstream Aliseo’s stylistic diversity transforms a room into a statement of personal design.

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The Company

The Black Forest of Germany where craftsmanship and quality has a long tradition is the source of our strength and accomplishments. For nearly 35 years Aliseo has been at the forefront of a New Culture of Hospitality. By continuously exploring the trends and demands of the hospitality sector Aliseo is committed to exploring “new ways” of thinking in design development, production techniques and material use.



A stunning display of contemporary looks and traditional values, Aliseo understands the integrity and relationship of different materials that combine clarity of purpose with utilitarian beauty. An evolution of traditional shapes and forms that takes the hotelier to a new world of design possibilities offering greater flexibility, aesthetic performance and design freedom.



What’s Up with Aliseo? A potpourri of developments, activities, special events and things of interest.

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MY/ME Mirror Concept

See Yourself … Be Yourself Simply engineered for maximum efficiency Aliseo’s MY/ME mirror concept adds a refreshingly modern sense of […]



Aliseo is proud to have been selected for inclusion in this year’s major German Brands publication.  An acknowledgement of corporate […]


MOON DANCE – Love at First Sight

Developed exclusively for Aliseo by sieger design, the Moon Dance features clean defined lines, new materials and lighting methodologies creating an understated sculptural form of individualized taste and technological seduction.

Aliseo Art Project


Since 2010, ALISEO has sponsored thematic exhibitions as part of its ART PROJECT series: a venue that provides both renowned […]



“You’re as Good as the Company You Keep”

By incorporating the latest technology with the needs of today’s travelers, Aliseo has developed a wide range of innovative products that bring value to the hotelier and convenience to their guest.

A dedication to quality, design and innovation that is shared by many of the worlds’s top hoteliers.

These are but a few . . .
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